Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Publication

我最新的GEPT全民英檢的書已出版了: GEPT 初級初試準備篇(聽力與閱讀) 是由東華新世紀所發行的。如果您想要在週末找一些有趣的書籍來閱讀,這本書的書號ISBN是978-957-483-643-7。

這本書經歷了很長時間才被發行; 它是晚了六個月。 我對於出版商需要花如此長時間去出版書籍有點意見。 一方面,我很感激,這意味著他們花費額外的時間進行校對,圖表等等。 另一方面,我是靠版稅的。 但是,我還是相當愉快對於我最新的成就。

My latest GEPT book is finally out: GEPT Basic, Tung Hua (東華) New Century Series. The ISBN is 978-957-483-643-7 if you want to pick up some interesting reading for the weekend. 

This one took a long time; it was some six months late. I'm a bit conflicted on publishers taking a long time to get books to press. On the one hand, I can appreciate it as it means they're taking extra time with proofreading, graphics and so on. On the other hand, I work on royalties. Still, I'm pretty happy with my latest effort.


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